Create your Own Vodcast

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How Do You Create Your Own Vodcast?

Create your Own Vodcast

Podcasts are SO last year! The latest and greatest self-produced content is the Vodcast or video podcast.

If you have a PC and a video camera, you can easily create a downloadable Vodcast. Simply take the video, then upload it to Apple Quicktime where you save it as MPEG -4 formatted video.

Now, you can feature this file as a downloadable Vodcast on your website.

If you want it to be accessible through iTunes, you will have to take an extra step and create an .xml file for it. There are many simple-to-follow tutorials on the web for this, and it will take about 5 minutes.

Vodcasts, similar to Podcasts, are a great way to gain buzz for your small company or product!



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