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How Do You Find an MP3 Player Buying Guide?

MP3 Player Buying Guides on the Web

The Internet is full of MP3 player buying guides; there are so many that it can be very confusing! The best one we have found is the one on CNET (, which breaks down recommendations and buying information into categories, such as hard drive based MP3 players, flash-based MP3 players and MP3 CD players. It even includes a guide on how MP3 players work for newbies to this technology.

Another great buying guide that will help you clarify which type player you need is on under Portables. This guide helps you clarify what you need in a player, and what you don't.

The key questions to ask yourself when shopping for an MP3 player are these:

  • How long will I use my player at a time - how much memory will I need?
  • Will I be using it while working out in rugged environments?
  • Do I want it to replace my car radio - should I get a built-in FM tuner?
  • Do I need it to also record voice messages?
  • How important is sound quality?
  • Does it have to work with a MAC (some players are PC only)?
  • Does it have to have a long battery life, and do you need the batteries to be easily accessible?
  • Does it have to look cool?
Review the answers to these questions with the available MP3 players on the market, and choose the most affordable one that meets your criteria best!

How Do You Find the Cheapest MP3 Player?

Looking for the Cheapest MP3 Player?

The team at PC Magazine has compiled a list of MP3 players that are less than $100 each. The cheapest MP3 player on the list that also can claim a decent review is the Creative Zen Nano Plus - which runs roughly $60. It is flash-based, and there were some complaints that the earbuds were too large. Other good bets are the iPod Shuffle at roughly $80, and the Sony Network Walkman NW-E505 which runs from $55 to $80. The Sony player is rated as great on battery life, but it doesn't support WMA music formats.

There are literally thousands of used MP3 players sold on eBay every day, as well.

Where Can You Find Great Online MP3 Player Stores?

Great MP3 Player Stores on the Web

If you are looking for a bargain and have already tested products at your local store, the Internet is a great place to find one!

If you don't mind shopping the used market, both eBay and have a wide selection of used MP3 players of every make and model. Amazon is also a great place to get a new one at a discount. has bargains that vary from week to week.

PC Richard also has a great selection of products, including iPods and iPod accessories.

Other online stores with bargains include Walmart, Best Buy and Circuit City.

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