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How Do You Protect Your iPod While Working Out?

From the iPod Store: A Sports Case with Armband

If you use your iPod while running, mountain climbing or working out, a great accessory to consider is a sports case that will keep you from getting scratches on your original case, with an armband.

This sports case comes with a tactile click wheel cover, a neoprene hand strap and a belt attachment, too.

It is roughly $35 and ships within 24 hours, with a one-year Apple warranty.

What is the iPod Camera Connector?

The iPod Camera Connector

If you want to transfer photos to your iPod in a hurry, you can purchase a new iPod Camera Connector from the Apple iPod store for roughly $30. It connects to your camera via an included USB cable, and to your iPod's photo dock connector port on the other side.

This device is compact, and is about the same size as a Compact Flash card. The reviews are mostly good, with the only drawbacks being that it draws a lot of power which isn't good news for battery life, and that it doesn't support RAW photo formatting.

Download times are also said to be a bit slow.

What are iPod Socks?

Socks for Your iPod

Want to keep your iPod safe and warm? Put it in an iPod sock made especially for your model iPod. Available from the iPod store for about $30, a sock will make a fashion statement while protecting against unsightly case scratches.

A sock is available to fit every iPod except the shuffle, and they come in six colors: light blue, deep purple, light purple, pink, lime green and yellowish orange.

Reviews of these socks have been overwhelmingly positive!

What is the DLO Autopod Car Charger?

The DLO Autopod iPod Car Charger

A high-rated car charger that won't break the bank is the DLO Autopod. It is roughly $20 to $30 per unit and features a cube with lights that indicate your charging status (red for powering on, amber for charging, and green for fully charged), as well as a replaceable fuse that protects your iPod against any power surges.

Velcro straps are included so that you can secure your iPod on the dashboard, too.

The intelligent lighting also alerts you if your iPod is still pulling charge from your car battery if the car is turned off.

What are the Top Rated MP3 Ear Buds?

The Top-Rated Ear Buds for MP3 Players: Shure E4c

If sound quality is of top importance to you and you have a spare $300 to spend on earbuds, the winner of CNET's ear bud review is Shure E4c.

These white earbuds represent a new technical advance called Tuned Port Technology that makes the tiny bass response in earbuds stronger by using the airflow around the speakers.

In order for them to work the way they are intended, you need to push them far into your ear canal. As everyone's ears are different, they come with a variety of disposable foam earpieces.

A gold adapter is also added for premium sound quality.

They are also ultracompact, and weigh just 1.1 oz!

What are Some Great Choices for Apple iPod Speakers?

Ipod Speakers: Some Great Choices

One of the highest rated choices for iPod speakers comes from the Apple team itself; the Apple iPod Hi-Fi system. It is fully portable, packs a lot of power, and runs either off batteries or an AC adapter. It includes both a traditional and optical connector for best sound quality, and is ranked well against the popular Bose speaker system, which is also a good choice. The only complaint about this system is that it doesn't offer video pass-through.

Bose is best known for its iPod speaker products today, and the Bose SoundDock Digital Media System won an Editors Choice award from PC magazine. It has a wireless controller and is known for ear-splitting volume levels. However, it is not compatible with earlier model iPods.

Yet another good choice is the Klipsch iGroove HG set. It runs at a lower price than Bose, but is rated somewhat lower in sound quality. It is more versatile in that it has an adapter for non-iPod MP3 players, but it also doesn't run on batteries.

These speaker systems all run between $250 and $350 each, but much cheaper models can be found if sound quality is not an issue.

What are the Best iPod Docking Stations?

The Best iPod Docking Stations

There are many docking stations available for your iPod, how do you choose the best ones? According to, one of the best lines of docking stations is the I-station line from Logic 3.

Many of the I-stations come with a speaker system that includes a surround sound processor, a subwoofer and a tweeter system. They also allow connectivity from either USB or Firewire, and can recharge your battery while your iPod plays.

These stations run from either AA batteries or an included AC adapter.

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