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What is the Macally PodFM Transmitter?

Macally PodFM

This little gadget plugs into your cigarette lighter, and is both an iPod charger and FM transmitter. It doesn't have preset channels, and instead, allows you to scan the entire FM frequency range to find the best reception.

Although it was designed for iPods, it is compatible with any device that has a standard headphone jack - which means your PSP, laptop, CD player or any MP3 player can be used with it.

It memorizes the frequency you last used at power off, and has quick set buttons also, so you don't have to search for a usable frequency every time you use it.

Why Buy an MP3 Player FM Transmitter?

Why Buy an MP3 Player FM Transmitter?

Listening to the car radio is a morning habit for many, but how many times do the DJs play songs in succession that you like?

Also, how tiring is the overwhelming amount of commercials on your radio?

Although using an MP3 player while driving is illegal in many states (some allow you to do this as long as you only use one ear plug), you can buy an MP3 player FM transmitter and send the music from your iPod to your car radio.

You can then use the click wheel as you normally would to navigate to the songs you want to hear.

This way YOU control what you hear.

This is also a great way to catch up on business Podcasts, or listen to motivational CDs copied to your iPod or other MP3 player.

What is the Monster Cable RadioPlay Car Stereo Wireless FM Transmitter?

Monster Cable RadioPlay Car Stereo Wireless FM Transmitter

Monster Cable is famous for its gold-tipped connections and claims that they create better sound quality for stereo and home theater systems.

Now, Monster Cable has brought the same 24K gold tipped connectors into FM transmitter technology, to offer stereo quality sound when sending tunes wirelessly to your car stereo from your MP3 player.

This device will operate with any MP3 player, CD player, or laptop, and has eight preset FM channels it works with.

It runs between $35 and $49 per unit, and is powered by your car cigarette lighter.

Is There an Inexpensive Way to Play MP3s Through a Car Stereo?

The Anydrive MP3 + FM Transmitter

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to listening to the same old boring radio stations but don't want to spring for an expensive solution, Merconnet has a great idea for you, for around $60.

The Anydrive MP3 +FM transmitter is a plastic device that is powered by a car adapter. It plays MP3s stored on any USB flash memory device through your car stereo from a built-in FM transmitter.

It does have a few limitations - it doesn't play through as many different FM stations as other transmitters, and you can't shuffle music, or see what is playing.

But for the price, this is a great little gadget!

Are There MP3 Players with Built-in FM Transmitters?

MP3 Players with Built-In FM Transmitters

Although most of the MP3 players on the market today still require a separate FM transmitter for playing your selections through your car stereo, there are a few that actually have an integrated FM transmitter for your convenience.

One such player is the Frontier Nex3+ - the newest MP3 player from Frontier Labs. This player is roughly oval shaped, and takes SD cards for ease of transfer with your PC. It comes with 5 equalizer presets, full accessories and an included AAA battery.

Another choice is the Boomgear MP-800, which also has an integrated voice recorder, FM tuner and FM recorder. This player also takes an AAA battery, and uses flash memory to store music. With 256MB of embedded storage, it holds less music than most, but its additional features make it attractive.

What is the Harman-Kardon Drive + Play 2?

The "Cadillac" of Car Stereo FM Transmitters: The Harman-Kardon Drive + Play 2

Known for great quality high end audio products, Harman Kardon has created an FM transmitter for MP3 players.

Featuring a 3.5" color screen, a Bluetooth adapter for use with cell phones and a wireless car-mounted control knob, among other features.

An additional module is available for Sirius Satellite radio support, and a USB cable provides for easy downloads for modules supporting future devices and technologies.

The only drawback to this high end device is its high end price - it retails for about $400.

What is iTrip(Dock)?

iTrip with Docking Station; iTrip(Dock)

The latest FM transmitter from Griffin Technologies designed for the iPod runs around $49, and contains a docking station.

It "remembers" the last frequency you tuned to, and displays it on an LCD readout at the bottom of the device. This saves the frustrating search for a workable frequency that was characteristic of the first generation car MP3 FM transmitters.

It offers a choice between LX and DX modes too, and DX provides superior noise filtering for great sound quality, even in areas where too many stations crowd the FM bands.

It contains a temperature stable crystal oscillator with phase-locked-loop control to keep the signal steady - which in layman's language, means that it has a stable frequency source with a feedback mechanism to keep it locked to where you are sending the sound!

Griffin has similar products for other MP3 players, as well.

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