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Where Can You Find Movies for Download?

Where Can You Find Movies for Download?

With the advent of video MP3 players, movie download sites are becoming as popular as MP3 music download sites.

iTunes allows easy purchase of iPod compatible movies - no formatting changes are needed so this is the easiest way to go for iPod users.

Another great site is - which operates on a subscription basis.

All such sites allow you to download and rip your movie either to a DVD, or to your video MP3 player for viewing.

Movie storage does eat hard drive space very quickly, so it is a great idea to purchase a separate drive just for your video content.

How Do You Create Your Own Vodcast?

Create your Own Vodcast

Podcasts are SO last year! The latest and greatest self-produced content is the Vodcast or video podcast.

If you have a PC and a video camera, you can easily create a downloadable Vodcast. Simply take the video, then upload it to Apple Quicktime where you save it as MPEG -4 formatted video.

Now, you can feature this file as a downloadable Vodcast on your website.

If you want it to be accessible through iTunes, you will have to take an extra step and create an .xml file for it. There are many simple-to-follow tutorials on the web for this, and it will take about 5 minutes.

Vodcasts, similar to Podcasts, are a great way to gain buzz for your small company or product!

How Do You Select a Video MP3 Player?

Selecting a Video MP3 Player

When selecting a video MP3 player, it is best to go to your local electronics store and actually watch the video to see how comfortable you are with the screen size and resolution.

If compact size doesn't matter to you, then it may make sense to go with the largest display, which is available from either Archos or Creative Labs.

If you like the idea of purchasing downloadable videos from an online store - iTunes can't be beat and the iPod Video is your best choice.

Watching videos is a highly personal thing - when you actually test each product, you will find a player that just "feels right" to you. Make sure it also supports your most used video format (or that you have a great conversion utility), and you have a winner!

What is Zencast?

Zencast : Your Source for Video Blogs and Interesting Content

If you are a big fan of YouTube, you will love Zencast! Creative Labs Zen Vision users can subscribe to Zencast and download tons of user created content - from golf tips to news and views.

A wide variety of video blogs can be downloaded here, and you can also create and upload your own content, as well.

Anyone with a video camera can contribute to the wealth of knowledge on this site!

What is the Creative Labs Zen Vision W Video MP3 Player?

The Creative Labs Zen Vision W Video MP3 Player

This versatile player received an 8 out of a possible 10 when reviewed by the editors of CNET. Although some consumers have complained that it is a bit bulky, Creative Labs is about to introduce a streamlined version of this 60GB player into the US market this year.

It has a 4.3" wide display for easier TV viewing and may be the best choice for those with bad vision.

It also supports TiVo-To-Go, which is unique in the market place.

With an FM tuner built in, support for a wide array of video formats, and voice recording, it is one of the most feature rich video MP3 players on the market today.

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