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What iPod Hacks are Available?

Great iPod Hacks

As the Apple iPod is one of the most popular electronics gadgets, it stands to reason that hacks for it are in great supply on the Internet. This basically means you can make your iPod do certain things that most people aren't aware of.

Some of the best hacks include the Dupe Eliminator from Markelsoft that takes care of duplicate tunes, Alarm Clock 2.4.1 that allows you to set multiple alarms, and wake to music or a Podcast, and the iTunes Remote Control that allows you to control your iPod from a network.

Other great hacks include many different visualization programs, and programs that let you transfer iPod content directly back to a PC.

How Do You Download Music Into Your iPod MP3 Player?

Downloading Music Into Your iPod MP3 Player

Finding and downloading music into your iPod MP3 player is part of the fun of having an iPod and it's easy.

First, install the iTunes disc that came with your player. If you have music already stored on your computer - go to File - then Import Folder to import an entire folder, or Import File to import just one tune.

You can also insert CDs into your CD drive - a screen will pop up asking you if you want to store this CD in iTunes. Click to affirm that you want to do this, and you will see the import progress on the top of your iTunes menu.

You can also purchase many fresh, new tracks from the iTunes store as well as from a wide variety of music sites on the Internet.

Once you have your library full, you can organize your tunes into playlists - such as Country, Jazz, Comedy, etc., and connect your iPod MP3 player to your computer with the included cable. The side menu of your iTunes screen will show your iPod, and you can drag and drop playlists into it from the screen.

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