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How Do You Get Started with an iPod?

How Do You Get Started with an iPod?

Every iPod comes with a USB or Firewire cable that plugs directly into your computer, as well as a disc that initializes your iTunes and iPod music transfer interface.

The first thing to do when opening your new iPod is to install your software, which includes iTunes. Next, connect your player to your computer with the enclosed cable. Allow it to charge for a few hours, then open iTunes and go to File, then choose either Add File to Library, or Add Folder to Library. You can then import either all the MP3s in your computer, or one file at a time.

Now, all you have to do is organize your music into playlists by using the New Playlist command and dragging and dropping your music into them - and then drag and drop your music into your iPod.

iTunes will show you visually as it progresses in loading your music to your player.

How Do You Transfer Data Files to Your iPod?

Using Your iPod to Transfer Data Files

If you have an iPod, there is no need to invest in an extra flash jump drive as you can use your iPod to transport data files, as well.

When you connect your iPod to your computer, it shows up as an external drive in Windows Explorer. From here, you can easily drag and drop files into it as if it were a flash jump drive.

If you have an iPod that is formatted for Mac's only, it will not work on a PC and vice versa. Also, you cannot transfer music this way, music can only be added to your player via iTunes.

How Do You Get Help With iPod Video Issues?

How Do You Get Help With iPod Video Issues?

Videos come in a wide variety of formats, some of which are supported by the iPod and some of which are not. Even if you purchase a video format conversion utility, your video may not come out the way you want it!

Apple supports the following formats: most varieties of H.264 video, .mov files, MPEG 4 files, and .m4v files. If you have a .avi file, or other format - you will need a conversion utility.

One of the most common, and most easily solved problems is having the TV Out control set to on. If you have this problem, you will get audio only when you try to play movies. Set TV Out to off, and you will immediately fix this issue.

If you have other, more sophisticated problems - it is best to contact Apple technical support directly.

How Do You Contact Apple iPod Customer Support?

Contacting Apple iPod Customer Support

Do you have a problem with your iPod? The good news is that Apple has a responsive customer support team ready and waiting to help you.

The first step to take, before calling, is to visit Apple's support page at to see if someone else has reported the same problem that you have. The User Discussions section is a great resource for learning how to reset your iPod if necessary and for troubleshooting techniques.

From this page, you can also download the latest software for your iPod, and purchase an AppleCare Protection plan for peace of mind.

At the bottom of the page is a contact support link, for the truly unusual problems that require a support technician.

How Do You Use Your MP3 Player Safely

Using Your MP3 Player Safely

Some studies have indicated that MP3 players played loudly and often can have an adverse effect on your hearing.

Constant exposure to high sound levels wears out and eventually kills the hair cells in the inner ear, which leads to permanent hearing loss.

The best way to be safe is to limit the volumes at which you listen to your player, and take frequent breaks to allow your ears to recover. Doctors agree that the safe exposure limit is one hour a day with headphones, and the volume set to no higher than 60 percent. If you listen longer than this, set your volume lower than 60 percent.

If you want to listen to your player longer and louder, invest in a good pair of speakers.

How Do You Use Your iPod Once You Have Music Downloaded?

How Do You Use Your iPod Once You Have Music Downloaded?

Your iPod comes with one of the best navigation interfaces available; a click wheel. To scroll through your play lists, click the top button, then move your thumb around the wheel until you have the playlist you want highlighted. Click the select button to play your chosen set. To go back to the previous screen, select the menu button.

If you want to keep your selections from changing while your iPod is bouncing around on your belt clip or in your purse, just select the lock function on the top of your iPod. Many of the iPods have a slide switch here that allows you to lock it.

If you want to turn your iPod off, press the arrow key at the bottom of your click wheel.

Moving your thumb around the click wheel while music is playing controls the volume, easily!

After a short while, the controls on your iPod will become second nature to you.

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