The Top Reviewed Video MP3 Players

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What Are Some of the Top Rated Video MP3 Players?

The Top Reviewed Video MP3 Players Tip: After the success of the iPod Video, a virtual plethora of video MP3 players have hit the market. One of the most highly rated is the Toshiba Gigabeat, which comes in a 30GB or 60GB version for roughly $300 or $400, respectively.

This handy, compact device supports a wider variety of video formats than either the iPod or the Zune. It supports WMA and WAV, and automatically transcodes DivX and AVI formats.

If you're considering this video mp3 player, you should know it doesn't support video recording.

The Creative Labs Zen Vision is also highly rated and supports TiVo To Go, which is a unique feature. It is a 60GB player and is offered for roughly $450 to $500. It is also reported to be a bit bulky.



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