Which are the Best Used MP3 Players to Buy?

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Which are the Best Used MP3 Players to Buy?

Which are the Best Used MP3 Players to Buy?

When buying an MP3 player, look for top reviewed players that are not discontinued by their manufacturers, as discontinued products may not have many accessories available for them should you need them.

Some of the better used MP3 players include the iPod Nanos, as they are most likely just being traded up for an iPod with more memory, the iPod 30G videos for the same reason and the iRiver Clix.

Be sure to get at least a third generation iPod, which is compatible with the current version of iTunes and easier to use than earlier generations.

The Toshiba Gigabeat is also a durable player, so a used version should be a great bargain.

The biggest issue with the discontinued iPod Minis was battery life, although there are many used Minis available, it is best to avoid them for this reason.



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