Digital MP3 Player Alarm Clocks- A Great Feature

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Where Can You Get MP3 Based Alarm Clocks?

Digital MP3 Player Alarm Clocks- A Great Feature Tip: If you travel a lot, or just don't want one more item on your night stand at night, why not use your digital MP3 player as an alarm clock?

Most digital MP3 players with an alarm clock function offer you the choice of waking up to a traditional alarm or the MP3 of your choice.

The Grundig Eton Ego 4000 Plus is a combination MP3 player with a portable CD plus speakers that offers a dual alarm clock function, a snooze button and your choice of radio, CD or buzzer wake -up mode. It's priced at about $110 to $120.

iHome2Go also offers a docking station for the iPod that folds, and has a gradual sleep and gradual awake function for about $100.

The Creative Zen V and V Plus also feature a built-in alarm clock function.

Waking to music is much better than waking to an annoying buzzer!



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