The iRiver Clix - The Closest Competitor to the iPod

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What is the iRiver Clix MP3 Player?

The iRiver Clix - The Closest Competitor to the iPod

Integration with Windows Media Player 11 and MTV's Urge, as well as a whole host of top end features makes the 2 or 4 GB iRiver Clix one of the top reviewed iPod alternatives on the market today.

It is a compact, squarish-shaped player with a clean look, and intuitive navigation on the sides of the player itself. It handles both MP3 and WMA music formats, and has an optional cradle pack and accessories kit available for purchase separately. The price tag of roughly $200 for the 4GB version and roughly $170 for the 2GB version is easy on the pocketbook.

Videos, pictures, and music are all supported, and the menus are easy to navigate and full-featured.

It also offers a built-in FM tuner with 20 presets, an alarm clock, a calender and support for flash games.



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