The Microsoft Zune: A New Video MP3 Player

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What is the Microsoft Zune?

The Microsoft Zune: A New Video MP3 Player Tip: Microsoft's answer to the iPod Video, the Microsoft Zune, is a 30GB MP3 player that supports WMV video format natively. It has a 3" LCD screen in contrast to the iPod's 2.5" screen - and was announced last November amid a loud media splash. It runs for about $250.

It will convert MPEG-4 and H.264 files to WMV - but for all other formats, you will need a conversion utility.

You can also export your Zune video to your TV, but it will still be viewed at "Zune-size." This, as well as the lack of any videos for purchase at the Zune Marketplace are seen as the major drawbacks of this new video MP3 player.



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