What to Consider if You Must Buy a Discontinued Product

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What Do You Watch for When Buying a Discontinued MP3 Player?

What to Consider if You Must Buy a Discontinued Product

The best bargains can be found on discontinued products, but this is also not without considerable risk.

If you must go for these tremendous bargains, there are some critical factors to consider.

First and second generation iPods require additional, third party software to work with a Windows system. Make sure that you can obtain this software, and don't have a problem installing it before you buy an older generation iPod.

Battery life is an issue with all older MP3 players. If you must buy a discontinued model, it is best to buy one that has an easily replaceable, standard type battery. There are many kits available for iPod replacement batteries, but they run for about $100 so be sure to factor that into your overall cost.

Make sure that your player comes with all required cables and software, as these may be very difficult to obtain for older models.

Earlier model iPods also have only a Firewire connection for your PC. Be sure that you have a firewire connection on your PC, as many PCs only have USB connections.



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