How Do You Add Music to Your MP3 Player?

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How Do You Add Music to Your MP3 Player?

How Do You Add Music to Your MP3 Player? Tip: The methods for adding music to your MP3 digital audio player vary based on the type of player you have. Many of the flash-based players have an interface that allows you to "drag-and-drop" music into the player in the same way that you add files to a flash-based jump drive.

The Apple iPod uses its iTunes interface to transfer music into the player - you simply plug in your player, then transfer tunes by dragging and dropping them into the player when it appears on the left side of the iTunes screen. You can create playlists in iTunes, and then drag them to your player, as well. This helps keep the music organized as to format, and use.

Playlists can be created for exercise music, podcasts, music genre or by artist.

Microsoft uses its own Zune interface for music transfer, and Creative Labs offers a Zencast organizer to store downloads, as well as the Zencast site with lots of audio content.



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