MP3 Players That Allow Extra Memory to be Added

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Where Can You Find an MP3 Player with an Expansion Slot?

MP3 Players That Allow Extra Memory to be Added

If you anticipate wanting to add more songs to your player in the future, then it is prudent to purchase an MP3 player that has a slot for additional memory.

Prices for SD cards are falling daily, and MP3 players with expansion slots are still plentiful, although not as much of a necessity due to the plethora of hard drive-based players on the market. Today, you can purchase a 1GB SD card for roughly $80 or less and a 256MB card is less than $30.

Some great MP3 players with expansion slots include the Sandisk Sansa, the Sharp Papyrus, the Rio Cali and the MobiBlu A3 and A5.



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