Where Can You Find a Great 128MB MP3 Player?

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Where Can You Find a Great 128MB MP3 Player?

Where Can You Find a Great 128MB MP3 Player?

Shopping.com Tip: If you don't want to run around with earbuds in all the time and only want to listen to a few favorites, the most cost effective way to go is with a 128MB MP3 player.

These players are also much more compact and easy to carry than players with large hard drives on board, as they use silicon-based flash memory.

One highly rated 128MB MP3 player is the MuVo from Creative Labs. This player has a built-in FM tuner, and can double as a flash drive to store PC files, as well.

It is very simple to use, so makes a perfect entry level device. It also features a built-in USB connector, so you don't have to fumble with external cables.

It's priced between $60 and $80, and runs off one AAA battery. It holds up to two hours MP3 music, or four hours of WMA music.



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