How Many Videos Can a 40GB MP3 Player Hold?

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How Many Videos Can a 40GB MP3 Player Hold?

How Many Videos Can a 40GB MP3 Player Hold? Tip: 40GB is a LOT of storage, and a 40GB MP3 player like the Coby 40GB MP3 player with a 7" LCD screen can hold up to 50 hours of video.

Another great 40GB MP3 player with video capability is the Toshiba Gigabeat F40. Reviews speak highly of its clear, sharp screen and video quality.

The average movie is two hours in length, so this means you can store roughly 25 movies on your digital media player.

If you have a combination of movies and songs, then obviously this number goes down. However, it is easy to transfer movies between your PC and your 40GB MP3 player so you keep the ones on hand that you most want to view.

Some players claim that they can hold more than they actually can, so it is best to ask about the format if claims seem a bit exaggerated.



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