MP3 Players that Support Video Playback

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How Do I Select an MP3 Player that Supports Video?

MP3 Players that Support Video Playback

Watching movies and video clips on your MP3 player is the epitome of cool, and the iPod Video has set the stage for a whole host of new players, called digital media players, that have this feature.

Video requires a lot of storage power, so most video players have hard drives on board.

Videos can now be downloaded from iTunes as well as many new and emerging subscription services. Anything from full length movies to exercise videos can be found on these sites for download and transfer to your iPod video, Sony Walkman Video or Creative Labs Zen Vision MP3 player.

Video playing requires good battery life; it is really annoying to have your battery die during the best part of the movie - so make sure you check battery life specifications before making a decision on your video MP3 player.



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