Untethered MP3 Players with WiFi Support

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Where Can You Find an MP3 Player with WiFi Support?

Untethered MP3 Players with WiFi Support

The latest and greatest feature to look for in up and coming MP3 players is WiFi, or wireless Internet support. The first to make a large market splash with WiFi was the Microsoft Zune, which allowed users to transfer songs to each other with the limitation that they could only listen to it three times or for three days, whichever came first.

The Archos 604 is a digital media player with a touchscreen, and the capability of playing video, audio, photos and media streamed from a PC using the included WiFi chipset.

Samsung is rumored to be releasing a line of MP3 players with WiFi capability, and the Soniqcast Aero was the true first to market with WiFi, but lacked the capability to allow users to swap songs wirelessly.



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