Built-in Organizer/PDA Functionality for the Best of Both Worlds

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Where Can You Get an MP3 Player with a Built-in Organizer?

Built-in Organizer/PDA Functionality for the Best of Both Worlds

Tired of carrying both an electronic organizer and an MP3 player? Creative Labs has the solution with their Zen family of products.

The Zen V and Zen V Plus both feature an organizer that has a calendar function, the ability to sort and organize contacts and a task list. As you can also store important files in the Zen, you can use it in the same manner as you would a PDA or organizer.

Another great device that rolls in an MP3 player, a PDA, a camera and a cell phone is the Motorola MPx cell phone. It runs Windows Mobile software for full PDA capability and has both Bluetooth and WiFi capability. It runs for about $930, but this isn't so bad when you consider the cost of buying all these devices separately.



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