The Top-Rated Ear Buds for MP3 Players: Shure E4c

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What are the Top Rated MP3 Ear Buds?

The Top-Rated Ear Buds for MP3 Players: Shure E4c

If sound quality is of top importance to you and you have a spare $300 to spend on earbuds, the winner of CNET's ear bud review is Shure E4c.

These white earbuds represent a new technical advance called Tuned Port Technology that makes the tiny bass response in earbuds stronger by using the airflow around the speakers.

In order for them to work the way they are intended, you need to push them far into your ear canal. As everyone's ears are different, they come with a variety of disposable foam earpieces.

A gold adapter is also added for premium sound quality.

They are also ultracompact, and weigh just 1.1 oz!



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