Ipod Speakers: Some Great Choices

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What are Some Great Choices for Apple iPod Speakers?

Ipod Speakers: Some Great Choices

One of the highest rated choices for iPod speakers comes from the Apple team itself; the Apple iPod Hi-Fi system. It is fully portable, packs a lot of power, and runs either off batteries or an AC adapter. It includes both a traditional and optical connector for best sound quality, and is ranked well against the popular Bose speaker system, which is also a good choice. The only complaint about this system is that it doesn't offer video pass-through.

Bose is best known for its iPod speaker products today, and the Bose SoundDock Digital Media System won an Editors Choice award from PC magazine. It has a wireless controller and is known for ear-splitting volume levels. However, it is not compatible with earlier model iPods.

Yet another good choice is the Klipsch iGroove HG set. It runs at a lower price than Bose, but is rated somewhat lower in sound quality. It is more versatile in that it has an adapter for non-iPod MP3 players, but it also doesn't run on batteries.

These speaker systems all run between $250 and $350 each, but much cheaper models can be found if sound quality is not an issue.



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