Reviewing MP3 Player Comparisons

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What is the Best MP3 Player Comparison?

Reviewing MP3 Player Comparisons Tip: There are many MP3 player comparisons available on the Web, with one of the best being from Consumer Search. CNET also reviews new MP3 players as soon as they hit the market.

The Consumer Search comparison details the best and worst features of each, the price, and where you can buy them. It is Apple-friendly, and does give the Apple iPod Nano the best overall recommendation.

It lists the Toshiba Gigabeat as the closest competitor to the iPod, at a price point of roughly $225 with 30 GB of memory.

The Creative Zen V at roughly $80 is listed as the best budget player, with a built-in voice recorder which is missing from the Nano.

The 2GB iRiver Clix wins the prize for the most features, with a touch screen, alarm clock and voice recorder.



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