The Coby MP-C827 MP3 Player - An MP3 Player for $20?

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Where Can You Get a $20 MP3 Player?

The Coby MP-C827 MP3 Player - An MP3 Player for $20?

If you are looking for a bare bones MP3 player, or one for a beginner or a kid, this $20 player might just be the ticket. It is the lowest end version of the Coby MP3 player line.

It has no display, the headphones are marginal, and the sound quality is just OK. But it has a convenient USB-based interface, uses just one AAA battery and plays both MP3 files and non-DRM WMA files.

It has no shuffle feature, and plays your entire 128MB library linearly while you listen.

It is easy to use, with intuitive volume and playback buttons. It is also really small and compact.
This player would make a great giveway or promotional item due to its low cost.



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