Choosing the Right iPod for Your Needs

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What Version iPod Should I Choose?

Choosing the Right iPod for Your Needs Tip: The Apple iPod has set the standard in MP3 player performance, not to mention in "coolness" factor. There are several different types of iPods, so choosing the best one for your needs is important.

If you are new to MP3 players and music downloads, a great way to get started is by purchasing an iPod "lite" - called the Apple iPod Shuffle. It handles only 240 songs, but is so compact you can roll it in your sleeve. You can have iTunes - the Apple music portal - "shuffle" your tunes too, so everytime you synch your player you have a totally different musical experience. It's also the cheapest Apple iPod.

If size is still a factor, but you want to have many more songs, the iPod Nano is a good bet. You can choose versions that have 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB of memory - and up to 24 hours battery life, in a 1.41 oz package! The Red Nano is super cool looking, and makes you look like a rock star.

The video iPod has 80GB of memory - more than many PCs, and allows you to watch full feature length movies while sitting in the doctor's office, waiting in line - anywhere you need to kill time.

There is also a 30GB non-video version for those who don't care to watch videos - it still holds what would have been a whole roomful of CDs inside.

Used versions of earlier models, such as the Apple iPod mini, can be found on eBay for the budget conscious.



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