MP3 Players with Built-In FM Transmitters

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Are There MP3 Players with Built-in FM Transmitters?

MP3 Players with Built-In FM Transmitters

Although most of the MP3 players on the market today still require a separate FM transmitter for playing your selections through your car stereo, there are a few that actually have an integrated FM transmitter for your convenience.

One such player is the Frontier Nex3+ - the newest MP3 player from Frontier Labs. This player is roughly oval shaped, and takes SD cards for ease of transfer with your PC. It comes with 5 equalizer presets, full accessories and an included AAA battery.

Another choice is the Boomgear MP-800, which also has an integrated voice recorder, FM tuner and FM recorder. This player also takes an AAA battery, and uses flash memory to store music. With 256MB of embedded storage, it holds less music than most, but its additional features make it attractive.



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