Why Buy an MP3 Player FM Transmitter?

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Why Buy an MP3 Player FM Transmitter?

Why Buy an MP3 Player FM Transmitter?

Listening to the car radio is a morning habit for many, but how many times do the DJs play songs in succession that you like?

Also, how tiring is the overwhelming amount of commercials on your radio?

Although using an MP3 player while driving is illegal in many states (some allow you to do this as long as you only use one ear plug), you can buy an MP3 player FM transmitter and send the music from your iPod to your car radio.

You can then use the click wheel as you normally would to navigate to the songs you want to hear.

This way YOU control what you hear.

This is also a great way to catch up on business Podcasts, or listen to motivational CDs copied to your iPod or other MP3 player.



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