Add More Music to the MP3 Player in Your Mobile Phone with Dave

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How Can You Turn Your Mobile Phone Into an MP3 Player with Decent Storage?

Add More Music to the MP3 Player in Your Mobile Phone with Dave Tip: If carrying a phone, a 20GM mp3 player, a coffee, an umbrella and a newspaper is too much for you, consider consolidating your items - at least the electronic ones. If you want to use your phone as your one main electronic device that stores all your contacts, data, AND music, you are in luck. Seagate has just introduced a portable hard drive that connects to your mobile phone using Bluetooth technology and comes as a 10GB or 20GB mp3 player.

It also has a USB and a WiFi connection, and is compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket.

It runs roughly $200, and has up to 10 hours continuous use battery life.

DAVE stands for Digital Audio Video Experience.



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